UHD students fly to China for a Huawei ICT Global Competition


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Following their record-breaking success at Huawei Information and Communication Technology (ICT) regional competition in Bahrain in December 2023, Mr Brwa Shirwan Awrahman Mr Bayad Aram Hassan, both are students at the College of Science and Technology at the University of Human Development (UHD), are now in China to participate in the 2024 Huawei ICT Global Competition. Their lecturer and supervisor Mr Goran Saman is accompanying them.

The competition has come in three main stages, first it was at the state level, Iraq in our case, then regional, the Middle East and Central Asian level in our case, and now it is global and it is going to be held in China. All travel, accommodation and other expenses are on Huawei Company.

The local and regional contests were held in three areas of ICT; Computing, Cloud and Networking. UHD students were the top winners in both local (held in three rounds) and regional competitions.

UHD President Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed congratulated Brwa and Bayad on their selection for Huawei ICT Global Competition in China and mentioned that the teaching quality at UHD is of high level; it responds to the requirements of the modern time and prepares students to face the challenges of the contemporary world. He expressed his full support to them and wished them a happy and successful journey. 

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