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When the University of Human Development (UHD) was founded by Professor Dr Ali Qaradaghi in 2008, the goal was not to add a number to the list of universities and academic establishments in the region. The main goal was to promote education by enhancing curricular and extracurricular skills of generations of graduates that can resultantly serve the people. It is a prize for our people, an award for the founder, an asset for the staff and an honour for the students and the alumni that the University of Human Development has been ranked the top private university in the three rounds of the National Universities Ranking in Kurdistan Region. Another indicator of quality prevails over quantity at the university is manifested in the alumni’s level of performance at their job positions as members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, members of the Kurdistan Parliament, members of provincial councils, and staff at governmental institutions, companies and other public and private sectors. UHD’s next goal is the expansion of postgraduate studies. It serves the quality-oriented value of UHD’s vision and strategies. It is left to say that history and the future will witness a big word of (THANK YOU) to UHD for offering prototypical education.

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English language B.A English language Undergraduate 4 Years Semester

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College of Languages highlights supreme academic missions in the shape of twilight of science, conduct, behavior and other necessary concepts. We train the students to lead the community in both personal and professional sectors, hence prioritizing ethics to knowledge.

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