University’s Spring Trip: students enjoy a day out at Dukan Resort


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The University’s Spring Trip was made to Dukan this year. A large attractive resort on the river in Dukan was booked for the University of Human Development students to spend a day barbecuing, playing games, listening to music, dancing and having other sorts of fun.

The day was cool, the sky was cloudy, and a light gentle wind was blowing through the blossoming leaves and flowers throughout the day, making it all beautiful and entertaining for the vacationists.

Buses were hired for students for both outward and return journeys. The university also paid for booking the resort.   

UHD President, Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmed Rasheed, members of the Presidential Council, many lecturers and administrative employees joined students and feasted with them. UHD Students Unit organised and supervised the trip.

The 2023-2024 has been a busy academic year for students at the University of Human Development. Classes opened and courses started in September, midterm exams and all other course requirements that followed, and now being in Spring Semester…all these called for a break.


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