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Facts and History

University of Human Development (UHD) was founded in 2008 by Professor Dr Ali Al Qaradaghi. UHD is a private non-profit university. It is a leader in social and health sciences and human development through teaching, research, scholarship and innovation. The University of Human Development opened on an Official Order (No. 19211/3) on December 16, 2008, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is also licensed by Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research according to Ministerial Order (No. 6613) dated September 24, 2017. UHD is recognised as a community leader in providing student-centred learning experience and preparing students for success in their fields with encouraging progressive thinking, embracing modern technology, and paying attention to the practical side for each specialty.

UHD has noticeably expanded, and currently has six colleges embracing ten departments with a total of over 2500 students.

College of Law and Politics
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Diplomacy and Public Relations
College of Science and Technology
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Information Technology
College of Languages
  • Department of English
College of Administration and Economics
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Business Management
  • Department of Finance and Banking
College of Health Sciences
  • Department of Medical Laboratory Science

College of Nursing

  • Department of Nursing 

Vision and Mission

University of Human Development (UHD) endeavours to positively contribute to the educational and economic development of local communities and society as a whole. It works to maintain its quality leadership among private universities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and highlights its name in the academic world. UHD is committed to maintaining high academic standards, enhancing the quality of teaching, learning and research to serve the local, national and international communities, and developing programmes supporting the university's mission. UHD creates the best opportunities for its students to develop themselves and to realise their intellectual, academic, and professional potential so that they become productive and responsible citizens. We at UHD are committed to high quality teaching, scholarly work, academic and professional programmes, and a great level of university-students interaction. We work toward our common goals with other universities and academic institutions and we value teamwork, participation, and diversity of ideas and perspectives.

UHD’s core values:

The University of Human Development seeks to achieve its goals through the following core values:
  • Social and Moral Values:
    • UHD is committed to social and moral values at the highest level inspired by Islamic teachings and humanitarian ideals.
  • Environment and Scientific Application:
    • UHD is committed to securing an educational environment for the students that encourage progressive thinking, comprehending modern technology, and paying attention to the practical side for each specialty.
  • Quality:
    • UHD is committed to high scientific and educational standards by developing the educational process, scientific research, and community mobilization. We will work to maintain our quality leadership among private universities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and highlight UHD’s name in the academic world.
  • Creativity and Perfection:
    • UHD works persistently to achieve academic perfection. As stated in UHD’s guidelines, we support scientific excellence, cultural advancement, proficiency, skills and talents.
  • Serving Society:
    • UHD consolidates its relationships with the society and the social establishment by serving, developing and supporting the society with knowledge and by joint projects with the government institutions.
  • Humanity:
    • Inspired by the collective term ‘humanity’, UHD strongly believes in mutual respect among human beings regardless of their belief, race, colour, sex and economic background.
  • Academic Freedom:
    • The university encourages openness and dialogue and emphasises on justice, equity, and academic freedom.
  • Cooperation:
    • UHD inculcates teamwork, team building, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence.
  • Curriculum Development:
    • UHD utilises updated curricula to equip students with the most recent thoughts and inputs on their selected fields of study, and also encourages graduates to pursue postgraduate studies at UHD or other universities.
  • CSOs, CBS and NGOs:
    • UHD desires to work in partnership with local and international civil society organisations, community-based organisations and non-governmental organisations to achieve mutual goals and objectives.
  • Institutional Accountability:
    • The sense of corporate responsibility and accountability are essential conditions for achieving the university’s goals and missions.

President image
Prof. Dr Ali Muhiddin Qaradaghi
Dr. Khalid Qaradaghi
Prof. Dr Mariwan Ahmad Rasheed.
President image
Prof. Dr Ali Muhiddin Qaradaghi

I am honoured to introduce you to some fatherly and sincere directions which are: Knowledge is the basis of every progress and civilisation, and the key to empowerment and succession, but knowledge can be achieved only by the one who gives his life to it, lives in its hermitage, and loves its chancel; therefore, I wish you be of those brilliants. My hope is that you will hold the keys, values, and methods of knowledge so that you can be pioneers, stars, and suns of knowledge. I advise you not to graduate from the university unless you have placed yourself on the road of knowledge and creativity. We aim at the professionalism and achievement of the best in the service of students, and the best in connection between the university and the social institutions theoretically and practically. We aim at the development of individuals and society and our country together.  

Best of Luck
Professor Dr Ali Muhiddin Qaradaghi
The Concessionaire & President of the Board of Trustees and President of the University Council