Workshop: Translation Graduation Project; Commentary Writing, Subtitling, and Dubbing


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English Department lecturer Mr Haval Latif ran a workshop for Semester 8 students on writing commentaries and adding subtitles to videos they have translated for their graduation projects.

According to the stated outcomes of the workshop: Students will be able to effectively write commentaries and add Kurdish and Arabic subtitles to the English videos they have translated. They will also be able to record their voices and dub the original English videos.

The videos students translated were chosen from various channels such as National Geographic Learning, DW and Al-Jazeera English. The following topics were thoroughly discussed during the workshop: Synopsis/overview, the importance of the project, materials and methodology, dubbing, technical issues, challenges and difficulties. A variety of examples from previous translation projects including subtitled and dubbed videos were shown and many interesting questions were raised. The workshop was very fruitful, and an assignment was given at the end of the session.

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