Online course: Understanding Epistemology


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An online course on understanding epistemology continued for more than two months, 24th December 2022 – 4th March 2023, for lecturers and others who had an interest in the subject. It consisted of 10 sessions and was held on the Zoom platform and delivered by Mr Tahsin Hamagharib. The organisers were the College of Law and Politics at the University of Human Development and Foresight for Research and Society Issues. 

The following topics were discussed, each in a separate session: Knowledge, Sources of knowledge, Justification and Foundationalism, Self-evident basic beliefs justifying other non-basic beliefs, Truth and criteria of truth, Belief, Empiricism, Rationalism, Scepticism and Contextualism.

The turnout was high. It exceeded more than a hundred in some sessions. Questions and comments by the audience added to the richness of the course.

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