Training course: Developing the capabilities of academics with contemporary tools


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The College of Administration and Economics at the University of Human Development held a training course which consisted of 11 workshops and were delivered in January 2022 under the title Using contemporary technologies to develop the capabilities of UHD lecturers.

The following topics were explained and discussed during the course: Using the software SPSS, Minitab and Mendeley in preparing scientific research paper; Quality of exam questions both theoretical and practical; The quality and quantity of higher education, Britain as a model; How do we teach students to work in a team theoretically but also practically; and Quantitative easing. 

And the following teachers were involved in organising and delivering the workshops: Mr Osman Sdiq Hussin, Dr Asaad Hamdy, Dr Ibrahim Saleh, Mr Farooq Mohammad and Mr Arshed Mohammad Ahmad.

More than 20 lectures from the Administration and Economics College attended the course.

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