University of Human Development hosts webinar for UNESCO Teacher Award nominee


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The University of Human Development, in cooperation with Leaders Educational Community, hosted a webinar for Ms Soraya Mutaharnia on Zoom platform on Friday evening 21st January 2022 with the aim of sharing experiences and improving the quality of teaching at both institutions.

In the webinar, Soraya spoke about her experience in the teaching profession and her vision for the effective educational role of teachers. She stressed the need for going beyond the school building and reaching the maximum limits in sharing the pain and dreams of the students and finding solutions to their social and economic problems.

The participants, more than 80 teachers from the host and Leaders Educational Community, raised many questions related to the teaching process in their institutions, the problems they are facing, and the solutions they have come up with so far.

Soraya has been nominated for the UNESCO Teacher Award 2021-2022 prize (UNESCO-Hamdan Prize for Teacher Development). It is awarded every two years to three winners that have made the most outstanding contribution to improving the quality of teaching and learning especially in underdeveloped nations or impoverished communities and have developed projects that can improve the performance and effectiveness of teachers worldwide. 

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